Living a Meaningful Life with These Mindsets

This writing idea comes after last night I was in the middle of my friends’ mid-night stories about their life: job, achievement, and goals. Questioning what plays a bigger role between hard work, privilege, and luck. The discussion ended when one of them said that the topic just spotlighted the thankless and ungrateful side of them and will just drive them to unmeaningful life. Good to be there, I listened and saw different sides of a coin.

Well, to be honest, I don’t even know where to draw the line between the three. Because I realize that success is a combination of that all. But talking about living a meaningful life, these are my reminders:

Humans were created for a purpose.

The first thing you have to accept before you continue reading is that I believe humans were a creation. So, a disclaimer to all my fellow friends here in Medium who think humans come from a Magic Shell, sorry this is not about Spongebob. —

By accepting the mindset that humans were a creation, indirectly makes me acknowledge the existence of the Creator and all his mighty power.

Right now, I’m working on an IoT project with my friends from Eastern Indonesia. As an IoT is a project based on a specific problem, then it needs a specific solution. So before we create our innovation, we should validate the market, users, problems, and secure a third party who will help us do field testing.

Related to our topic, I am sure that if humans were created for a purpose, then the purpose will not literally the same. Our Creator equipped us with special abilities and capabilities to help us nailed the distinctive purpose and solve the problems that He thinks. So, our life is not about us at all, but to fulfill the purpose of why I am here on earth.

Finding my purpose

I think this question puzzled me for the past few months. I built and rebuild my goals, I read books, listened to so many podcasts, joined mental health online classes, and everything. But I found out nothing. I was just getting more confused.

At the end of the day, I remember that I am just a creation. So how to know about my purpose? Be humble, ask the Creator.

For some people talking about spiritual things are unnecessary. But seriously when I was experiencing the lowest point of my 21 years in my life, I won’t lie that it’s a miracle for me to be sane.

Anyways, I kneeled for the Almighty Power and after that, I realized that my purpose is greater than becoming The Most Outstanding student but giving impact to you-can-mention how many students; Wider than becoming Student President at Interim but fighting for the injustice and bad habits around my university.

You too, when you find your purpose, you’ll find it easier to live the values of loving others, helping their needs, etc.

Placing your mind upon it will carry your best effort and you won’t care about the achievements, popularity, and recognition, because you know it’s a wasting time to compare your life to other people.

We work hard because that is what we are supposed to.

Work is an essential part of human life. No pain, no gain.

So, if the question pops up again: what factor determines our success? Work hard, privilege, or luck that determines our success? I’ll say all of them.

We never know what lies ahead but we just do our best to prepare for the worst, which is: work hard. The lucky thing is we were born in this era so we can find much information to satisfy our curiosity.

But just don’t care about it. Just push yourself to give the best that you can. Whether it will bring the goods or no, it’s not your arena. Accepting that you are a creation, also means accepting that The Creator is in charge of your life. When you think you failed, doesn't always mean you failed. Time will tell you what.

Grateful is a simple attitude to save yourself from failure.

There is nothing wrong with high goals, just remember to be grateful. Do not just look up above the mountain top but also congratulate yourself for passing the steep climb.

As we are here on earth for a purpose, I also understand that everything happens for a reason. So, grateful for the good and still grateful for the not-so-good.

Realizing the 3 things above, I wouldn’t roll my eyes whenever someone says “You’re just so lucky”. Instead, I smile and say thanks, take it as compliments.

“Thank God, mission accomplished”.

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